Agreed. It may be a notchback, but S11o Silvias are in the era of nostalgic JDM that is coming along... '60's and early '70's are big, but late-'70s and early '80s are a bit up-and-coming. » 10/20/14 11:50am Yesterday 11:50am

Cadillac's Art and Science design language debut on the Cien was actually heavily metallic and raw-material finishes, like carbon fiber, and anodized aluminum, and NorthStar engines are usually clad in silver, anyway, so it is probably fairly accurate. » 10/19/14 11:11pm Sunday 11:11pm

That is entirely up to you. Do you prefer to collect on-card cars, or do you prefer to handle the cars directly? Do you collect for personal enjoyment of the cars, or for potential future resale? Resale... keep it on the card. Otherwise, if you just like the car, then enjoy the car, irrespective of the packaging. » 10/13/14 5:12pm 10/13/14 5:12pm

I am not sure if you saw a previous reply earlier in the week, but I did find your purple and green Screamliners, if you are still looking for those, as well as the Mooneyes beetle you had your eye on. I am still looking for more VW stuff... » 10/10/14 11:40am 10/10/14 11:40am

That looks fantastic. Even without the wheel spokes filled, the design of the wheels looks right on a Porsche. The Porsche racing orange over a light blue (a bit more blue than ice blue, a bit less bold than Mexico blue... but looks fantastic as-is) is a great look, and somewhat replicates a reference to Gulf livery. » 10/10/14 11:06am 10/10/14 11:06am

I found a Dodge Coronet Superbee, where the blister, and half of the cardboard behind it had separated from the card. Both parts were still in the bin, but the car in it's blister were separated from the backing. » 10/08/14 6:29pm 10/08/14 6:29pm