I BADLY want a nice, clean Mark III A-70 Supra. I like those much more than Mark IV A-80, despite the later car's fame... I never really took to the bloated-rounded-front-engined-F40-wannabe look that it tried to take on. Technically nice cars... and they can do OK in the looks department when modified cleanly... but… » 1/27/15 4:23pm Today 4:23pm

I would think that putting it in the infotainment system, as a digital reference (e-book/PDF format, perhaps) would be a good idea. Most screen-based infotainment or NAV systems are starting to have a digital maintenance database in them, too. Otherwise CARFAX or other cloud-bases services might make inroads there,… » 1/27/15 11:41am Today 11:41am

With the A3 sedan gutting A4 sales... The A4 needs to just BE the A5 Sportback, especially in the US, with a Sport Quattro 3-door coupe pairing. A4 and A3 fighting over compact-midsize 4-door sedan duties is ridiculous, and A3 is clearly the new winner, and A4 is being mostly ignored. » 1/23/15 1:18pm Friday 1:18pm