Will Toyota finally get it right, is third time the charm?


I am tired of Toyota’s hype mill, but I will be on board for it, if the 2024 MR2 revival rumors materialize into something interesting. Hopefully it isn’t too much bad form to post alternate automotive news sources here.

Anywhere NEAR BMW i8 performance in a mainstream steel, aluminum, and SMC chassis and body, not expensive Carbon Fiber... and this will be properly interesting.


I don’t know what the specs will be, but I am hoping for:

30-mile all-electric highway-speed mode, series hybrid efficiency mode, parallel hybrid burst performance mode and direct-drive cruise and regen mode... 20-ish KwH, an 10-15 gallons of fuel on board...


sport mode burst output equivalent to ~350 horsepower, and ~400tq, like the i8's inline-3 Turbo and electric motor system is entirely doable at a reasonable price.

a 1.6T boxer4 driving a PHEV transaxle with a front electric assist and regen, and this is actually what FRS/BRZ should be (and it would be AWD for Subaru’s lineup.


and it would probably handle better with the center of gravity low, and the weight bias rearward, although perhaps in the 3250lb range with the batteries involved.

I would seriously try to buy something like this at $35K. At 45K... it had better be pretty much perfectly executed with NO excuses for low power (86), or hideous looks (Supra), or an inability for anyone over 5'10” to fit inside.


For that money, I currently won’t even consider a 370Z or WRX STI as 15 year old cars for new car money, let alone a BRZ/FRS for less money and less power, and difficulty to fit.

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